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Мэдээллийн технологийн шилдэг мэргэжилтнүүдийн зөвлөгөө, нийтлэлүүд.

Accelerate your success


battulga_zahiral.jpgWe are living in information era, and we are competing in a knowledge based business environment. Therefore, any given person or a business entity is a subject to this information driven society. So if you want to be the leading force of the market and differentiate from your competitors, “ITZone LLC” will be accelerator of your success.

Information era

20th century was capital driven industrial era for business minds, but for scientists it was space technology era with satellites, moon landing and much more innovations. But for 21st century, everyone agrees that it would be Information era. At the dusk of last century, World Wide Web was created, changing the way people interact with each other, enabling infrastructures like social networks, messengers, IP communication, building massive database along the way. New technologies are emerging to speed up decision making process based on various real-time data analysis, ignoring the time and space barrier, affecting the way companies handle their management and corporate governance. Before technologies, we used to go up to customers and ask them what they want. But now, we are using browser cookies, sessions and buying behavior, frequency, location graphics and many more interactive data to analyze and predict their future decisions, planning our strategy accordingly. Furthermore, “Internet of Things” concept is getting bigger as we speak, claiming more devices, creating complete ecosystem of everything from your fridge to kitchen sink, devices that are connected to internet. And we are using mind boggling amount of data from those devices to battle global warming, to save resources and to establish smart consumption. Information and Communication technology sector is pushing hard to build infrastructures, educate and supply consumers with all this technologies, and is becoming one of the most important sectors for Mongolia in this century.

Knowledge based society and economic development

According to the World Economic Forum’s report, development stage of all the countries separated into three stages. First Condition based, second Efficiency based and third innovation based. Today, Mongolia is in transition between Condition based stage to Efficiency based stage and aiming to move up again to Innovation based development and Knowledge based economy. One of the leading sectors of Knowledge based economy is Information and Communication technology. Highly developed countries such as USA, Japan, Korea and Taiwan all give high priority to their Information and Communication technology policy and produced many best practices and technologies. As for Mongolia, general and high level education standards are reasonably high, intelligence and creative potential is among the top tier, so there is every reason to produce and promote intellectual products such as software and IT service to global market. ITZone has developed and honed this knowledge based business model since 1997 and will continue to do so. With products like Green ERP, MogulBOX, CompassMate and NetEMS, we will push the limits for Mongolia and aim to sell our products on global market soon enough.

Information and communication technology in our life

As of today, Mongolian consumers using 110 mobile phones per 100 citizens, about 75% of the homes in Ulaanbaatar have PC and almost 65% of those have internet connection. Therefore, we are one of the leading consumers of information technology in Asia. Mongolia was one of the first few countries in Asia to introduce IPTV, and a country with a well established information technology infrastructure with almost 90% of the 21 provinces and all towns and settlements within is connected to the fiber optic cables capable of delivering high speed internet. Government and health services are getting better and fast with long distance health training, treatment and diagnosis, electron registration, insurance and tax systems, achieving integrity and information security at the same time. As a result of increasing use of information and communication technology in economic and social life, life standard of average citizens increasing day by day, relieving anxiety of society. Internet banking is eliminating the need to stand in long lines at the bank, through mobile internet you can watch your favorite program everywhere, and complete your tasks with e-mails. Behind all this possibility, there is huge works being done by the companies and engineers of information and communication technology, yet there is still more to be done. Law on information integrity, information security, internet banking and much more legal background is needed for emerging technologies, and it should prioritize personal information and information security as top. Whenever you are going about your daily life, you are using information technology and it will surely develop into bigger part of your life.

How ITZone accelerates your success?

To accelerate your success, ITZone has to be highly creative, professional and reliable. Success of the company defends on highly educated, professional and satisfied workers. We have invest heartily on development of our employees through latest human resource management and ITZone Academy with programs such as PeopleZone, miniMBA and ITZone Certified sales training. In 2013, ITZone was bought buy it’s former management team and separated from MCS group, which was first in Mongolia and considerably rare occurrence. As a result, Managers who have been working for decades in this company, became shareholders to their own company and performance and revenue rate increased notably. We develop Green ERP system which is aimed to business management and automation, based on latest and most powerful technology available. Green ERP system includes: Green HRM, Green CRM, Green SCM, Green Contract and many more programs that solve critical problems on all sections of business process, reduce inefficiency and most importantly save time. Beside Green ERP, our projects include enterprise information and communication infrastructure solutions complete with many layers of security, mail server, and business automation software. We also offer wide range of devices and technologies needed to build such infrastructures complete with assembly, post-sale and Proactive Managed Service. With our products and services, we aim to increase our customer’s efficiency by speeding up their decision making process, straightening their workflow, saving time and money and ultimately Accelerate Your Success. We are not planning to stop here. We will keep pushing our limits and continue to Accelerate Your Success.

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